“Secundum Naturam Vivere” - Live in Accordance to Nature.

I am a Colombian biologist with a PhD in Conservation Biology from Duke University, USA. My mission is the protection of life on Earth. For me, conservation is the Wildly Important.

My work usually involves fieldwork, long walks, lots of birds, and filming short videos. It also has a heavy dose of raising funds for conservation and doing science to support the preservation of species and their habitats.

Currently, I am Science Director of Fundacion Ecotonos, a non-profit I co-founded focused on biodiversity conservation in the tropical Andes and the Key Biodiversity Area (KBA) San Antonio cloud forest in particular. I have a full page interview about my work in this region from one of the largest newspapers of Colombia.

I invite you to know more About me, and find out what I am up to right Now. Also, please consider supporting my work in the protection of Nature.