“Secundum Naturam Vivere” - Live in Accordance to Nature.

I am a Ph.D. candidate in Environment at Duke University and Science Director of Fundacion Ecotonos, a leading NGO from Colombia focused on biodiversity conservation in the tropical Andes.

I am committed to doing science that produces workable knowledge and contributes solutions to environmental problems in the real world.

My research has been published in peer-reviewed science journals and I have appeared in different Media outlets highlighting the impact of my scientific contributions and conservation initiatives.

Based on my expertise, I have things to say — mostly contrarian, likely anarchical — to inform the conversation on how to deal with our current earthly affairs.

Here I am sharing my thoughts on the environment (and society) through weekly Rants on issues that have caught my rage or love in the last few days. The opinions expressed here are my completely my own and are not of anybody else or any organization.

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Ruben's Rants

We need collective action

They tell you to buy green products and bring reusable bags. To reduce your meat consumption or become vegan once and for all. Also don´t have children or have only one. Ride an electric car, or better no car at all. And don´t even think of getting an airplane ticket again. These are the kind of messages these days to “help save the environment”. Yet this is not nearly enough. We are in the desperate need of collective action. Read more...