• [Spanish] Interview for Bogota Birding & Nature Colombia Tours: “Spatial Analysis for the conservation of birds in Colombia (2020)” Youtube link.


  • Full-page interview in 2019 for El Pais on the protection of the Key Biodiversity Area San Antonio cloud forest. English translation here.
  • [Spanish] A short profile as an alumnus of Icesi university in the biology program here.


  • With my colleagues at Fundacion Ecotonos we published an influential paper on biogeographic regions in the tropical Andes that made it to front cover in the prestigious science journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS). This research was covered by Duke’s Nicholas School of the Environment newsroom, plus the colombian newspapers El Espectador and El Tiempo.
  • [Spanish] A live panel discussion promoted by the secretariat of Tourism of the city of Cali called “Birding in Cali, the city of Birds”. Read the press release here and here or watch the video Youtube link.

  • [Spanish] An Interview with my former phD advisor, professor Stuart Pimm for Nuestro Oxigeno radio on cloud forest birds. Youtube link.


  • [Spanish] A short profile as Fulbright Scholar in the United States, in the context of an article about Colombian nationals studying abroad where the newspaper called me “a temporal brain drain”. Read the spanish story in the newspaper El Tiempo. English translation here.

  • [Spanish] Front news article in El Pais about my paper on the birds of the City of Cali


  • Leaders in Action: Success stories from the Tropics. My work helping restore the habitat of the endangered Dahl’s Toad-headed Turtle got supported and showcased by the Environmental Leadership and Training Initiative (ELTI). See the web the story here.


  • A rather funny National Public Radio appearance when I attended the 5th World Conference on Ecological Restoration in Madison, Wisconsin, to present results of bird monitoring in ecological corridors in the central Andes.