We live in a simulation

There are people who believe that we live in a simulation, and they are right. One of the best things about being a biologist or having spent a lot of time in nature is that you realize how the world really is.

Civilization these days is like living in the Matrix. It is an alternate reality that is sustained by the destruction of the real world (the Earth). Eventually, the simulation will not hold because its source will collapse.

Five signs you have not exited the simulation:

  1. You believe animals act on instinct and that humans are the most intelligent species on the face of the earth.

  2. You think that evolution or climate change are lies.

  3. You don’t know how your food grows or where the food you eat comes from.

  4. You are afraid of spiders, bugs, or any little animal that enters the house.

  5. You believe in the unlimited growth of the economy.

Five recommendations to escape the simulation:

  1. If you’ve never done it, go camping, preferably to a place with no reception. Sleep at least two nights there.

  2. Spend at least an afternoon or morning completely alone in the middle of the forest. It can change your life.

  3. Visit nearby farms and learn how everyday food is grown. Even smart kids at Duke University thought that carrots grew up on trees. I quizzed them.

  4. Become interested in the life history of other species. Start a nature journal.

  5. Plant a tree. If you do, you will not have lived in vain.

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