We need collective action.

A few years ago I was reading this excellent article titled “The climate mitigation gap: education and government recommendations miss the most effective individual actions”

I was very pleased to find out I was doing the top most beneficial actions: I don’t have kids yet (best thing for the environment); I have a car-free live in the US (second best thing), and I am eating less meat (meatless Mondays!). At the moment I thought I was still far from perfect but at least I was offsetting with my conservation work (maybe it is how I deceived myself).

But I’ve always had a growing discomfort with the emphasis of the individual as a consumer in the quest of better habits to “help save the environment”. So, your commitment to the Earth will only be shown if you buy green products and forget about buying a plane ticket ever again.

Let’s keep aside for now that it is governments and corporations that have polluted our common house (don’t let them blame you for it). Even if you follow all the individual recommendations on how to be a greener citizen, these actions are not nearly enough. To solve a planetary crisis, we need actions that scale up.

We are in the desperate need of collective action. It is infinitely more powerful what you and your small group of friends or neighbors can do together, that what you can do by becoming a green consumer on your own. If you want to contribute to the environment, think collectively. What can you do together?

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